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Another extension of my musings. Original writings, thoughts, etc:

You'll probably see a lot of Michael Fassbender and Philip Winchester around here.

What about me? Well, you'll know more if you read the original blog above or follow me on Twitter @greyeyegoddess. Plus I am one of the admins for Michael Fassbender Online, among other things.
Credit where credit is due

I am sorry…

I download pictures every day from here and do not always remember who I take pictures from, but I try to keep track of them.

I am human and sometimes forget.  Life gets in the way.  I am sometimes doing 20 things online with Michael stuff, other stuff, school, family, work, and other, other stuff.

I posted one of many pictures that someone made, I’m assuming it was the gif, and I didn’t realize it was a gif when I uploaded it from my computer because it didn’t move in my file.  And sometimes I have pictures that don’t move that have a file extension .gif.  I thought it was just a picture, and I have posted these 30 day deals on queue, since I’m not at a computer all day. 

I do appreciate the pictures and art that is shared.  I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t.

I’ve had people share my stuff without my knowledge or asking and all I do is repost saying thank you for reposting my stuff or “like” the post, to let the person know that I know it was used.  It’s too hard to police everything on the internet.  Once you post something on the internet, it’s impossible to keep it from going anywhere.

Many of the screencaps that were taken from MFO, I was one of 4 people who took those, so that people would be able to share photos. 

My suggestion to those who worry about people ‘taking’ things or not getting credit for the hard work that you’ve done, put a watermark or your name on it.  It saves time and energy.  And you don’t have to worry about a thing.  You and everyone else knows where it came from.  And it’s your way of already allowing people to repost stuff.  It’s a win-win situation.  

So to cover my derriere, here’s a disclaimer I’ve used.  Accounts will be added, but if I forget again, I am human and I never claimed to be perfect.  I can only apologize.

Yes, the site is mine.  It’s a back up site.

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